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**Please note, we will be closed during the May half term (Monday 25th May -- Friday 29th May)**

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School & College Closure Resources

Please find below a suggested timetable and website links to some work activities for students to complete if they are now staying at home or in self-isolation. We would recommend to try to encourage your child to do some work each day. When students return to College they should bring any work with them to share with their tutor so we can see what they have been up to!

Please see Thriftwood's YouTube page to see various videos and messages from our staff!

Students may also wish to e-mail photos of their learning to adding the tutors name in the subject bar. 

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SNAP Family Guide Info Sheet 1-2SNAP Family Guide Info Sheet 4SNAP Family Guide Info Sheet 5SNAP Family Guide Info Sheet 6SNAP Family Guide Info Sheet 78 Ways To Support Your ChildDaily Quarantine Questions / Self-Isolation Support / Things I Can Control

Timetable Guide for Home

Website Links:

Twinkl Website - Twinkl are currently offering a wealth of resources for all levels free of charge at the moment

Blue Peter - Apply for a Badge

Colchester Zoo - Wildlife activities to do at home

RSPB - WildVerse Poetry Competition / Wild Challenge

School of Sign Language - Learn BSL Online

SEAX Trust Learning Resources -

Resources by Subject:

Class K4 and K5

K4 (work for week commencing 18.05.20): English and Maths (Tortoise & the Hare)

K5 (work for week commencing 18.05.20): Maths and English - Chocaholic / Chocolate - In the News / Thank You Story

K5 English (Writing a Speech) - Activity 1 / Activity 2 / Activity 3 / Activity 4 / Activity 5

K4 Activities - General Activities / Garden Treasure Hunt / Where to go for Medical Help / Medical Scenarios / Medical Scenarios and Treatment

K5 Activities - Trip Planning / Restaurant Maths

Life Skills - In the Kitchen / Household Chores

Songs & Activities: 27 feel good pop songs with lyrics to learn and sing along to. Also some basic musical activities ( Free if you log in with an email address)


Week commencing 18.05.20: Starters/Challenges for all lower, middle & higher levels

Week commencing 18.05.20: Higher Level Maths (KS4 Group 4 & KS5 Groups 4 & 5), Middle Level Maths (KS4 Group 2 & KS5 Groups 2 & 3), Lower Level Maths (KS4 Group 1 & KS5 Group 1)

Week commencing 01.06.20: Higher Level Maths (KS4 Group 4 & KS5 Groups 4 & 5), Middle Level Maths (KS4 Group 2 & KS5 Groups 2 & 3), Lower Level Maths (KS4 Group 1 & KS5 Group 1)

My Maths - students have their own personal login details for this website which they use at College. Work will be regularly assigned to students via My Maths for them to complete. Please contact if you experience any difficulties accessing this resource

Top Marks Maths - Various online resources for all ages

Family Maths Quiz / Lower Ability Maths Worksheet / Higher Ability Maths Worksheet / Budgeting Challenge 1 / Budgeting Challenge 2


GCSE English - War of the Worlds (Chapters 4-6) / War of the Worlds (Chapters 7-10)

Literacy with Mr Fisher (work for week commencing 18.05.20): Phase 4

Mrs Wood's English Groups (work for week commencing 18.05.20): Mystery and Detective Project

Mr Fulljames' KS4/KS5 English Groups and Mr Fisher's KS5 English Group (work for week commencing 18.05.20): Guide for Week

Monday 18.05.20 - Starter Activity / Diary Entry / Speech Marks Prompt / Main Activity 1 / Main Activity 2

Tuesday 19.05.20 - Starter Activity / Diary Entry / Main Activity

Wednesday 20.05.20 - Starter Activity / Diary Entry / Suffix Word List / Suffix Prompt / Main Activity 1 / Main Activity 2 / Main Activity 3

Thursday 21.05.20 - Starter Activity / Diary Entry / Main Activity

Friday 22.05.20 - Starter Activity / Diary Entry

Miss Harris' KS5 English Group and Mr Fisher's KS4 English Group (work for week commencing 18.05.20): Family

Grammar: Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb WordmatsUse of Nouns / Use of Verbs / Use of Adjectives / Use of Wordmats

Reading Tasks: Tasks 1-6

Reading Suggestions: Guidance / Suggested Reading / Audible Suggested Reading / BBC Wind in the Willows

Writing: High Frequency Word Handwriting / Diary

English for all: Writing a Description / Writing Instructions / Garden Senses

Audio Story with David Walliams  - Free 30 minute audio story every day at 11am for 30 days

Units of Sound Website / Guidance Letter

Top Marks Literacy - Various online resources for all ages

British Sign Language

Clothes / Countries / Drinks / Food / Family Members / Teachers Names


Practical Lesson 1 - Pepper Escape / Practical Lesson 2 - Skittle Rainbow

Design and Make

Design and Make Tasks

Animal Care

Week commencing 18.05.20: Crested Gecko

Life Skills

Life Skill Challenges 1 / Life Skill Challenges 2


Week commencing 18.05.2020: Body Weight Circuits

Circuits - Instruction Booklet / Recording Sheet


P.E. with Joe - From Monday 23rd March 2020, Joe Wicks who is also known as "The Body Coach" will be live streaming a daily workout at 9am each day

Daily Football Skills Challenge


Work for week commencing 18.05.20: Every day Items

Miss Greenhouse and Miss Exell's Art Challenge - Letter to Students   This weeks Art Work Theme is 'SPRINGTIME'

Colouring with Climo / Portraits 1 / Portraits 2 / Making a book / My World / Fruit Drawing / Lynn & Anna's Rainbow Competition / Describing Beetles / Drawing Beetles / Pattern Beetles / Collage Beetles

Performing Arts

Performing Arts / Childnet Film Competition 2020


WLL Horticulture KS4 and KS5 - June Activities

Sensory Nature Hub Box Activities / Scavenger Hunt 1 / Scavenger Hunt 2


ICT Fun Test / Hour of Code Flyer


Mrs Rowden's - 'Lean on me' Video / Rhythm Video

BBC 10 Pieces - Click on each of the 30 pieces for a 5 minute animation and introduction to each piece. Then listen to the full performance ( I suggest one piece a day or every other day)

Drumming - Although you don’t have a djembe drum as we do in the music room, you can join in by tapping on your legs or you could also use an upside down washing up bowl, cushion or cardboard box: Easy / Any Level / Advanced (Start at 2 minutes to skip long intro) / Professional


PSHCEe Education - A guide for Parents/Carers educating at home

Childnet Film Competition 2020 - This year's theme looks at feeling free and safe online

'Lianes A-Z to get you out of bed'

Health & Wellbeing Body Scan / Health & Wellbeing Breathing Exercises

PSHCE (week commencing 18.05.2020): Mental Health - Lesson Plan / Resource

PSHCE (week commencing 01.06.2020): Mental Health - Lesson Plan / Resource

Think U Know is a very helpful website on keeping young people safe and are producing "Home Activity Packs" during the lockdown: Pack 1 / Pack 2

BBC Logan High Series 1 and 2 / BBC Bitesize

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