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Thriftwood College's Remote Learning Resources - January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are placing work for students to complete at home if they are not at College.  The work is labelled to show the general level of each activity

  • Green higher ability
  • Yellow middle ability
  • Pink lower ability

Students are welcome to try activities from any level to challenge themselves, but even when working at their usual level they may well require some support with the work. If you have any questions as to which level students work on, please email me.

Tutors will also be doing class zoom sessions every Friday between 12:10-1.00pm. Tutors who are in College will be zooming the students who are at home so that all students in the tutor group can have a chat. Look out for the zoom link which will be emailed out every week.

There are also good resources/revision activities, in a variety of subjects, on the BBC Bitesize website. As an example, the activities to go for in Maths are the Key Stage 3 and Functional Maths Level 1 and 2.  Some of the Key Stage 2 resources are also excellent for revising their skills and knowledge. There will be daily lessons on the Bitesize website too, students can visit the Primary lessons as well as the Secondary lessons.

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize website: Home - BBC Bitesize

The Children's Society are also providing some online lessons via Microsoft Teams, please click here to see details of these.

The Oak National Academy Website also have some good resources, for example their Virtual School Library

For those wishing to use a TV for learning -

"BBC TV is to help children keep up with their studies during the latest lockdown by broadcasting lessons on BBC Two and CBBC, as well as online. The BBC will show curriculum-based programmes on TV from Monday 11th January 2021. They will include three hours of primary school programming every weekday on CBBC and at least two hours for secondary pupils on BBC Two."

Students can watch the Primary and/or the Secondary lessons in a range of subjects as they choose.

Joe Wickes will be doing his YouTube fitness sessions again, excellent for physical and mental fitness. We enjoyed Oti Mabuse's dance classes on TouTube at College during the spring 2020 lockdown - have a look!

We would love to see your completed work, please click here to see instructions on how to do this. 

If you need any guidance please contact me on:

Wishing you all a Healthy New Year!

Mary Booker


Resources by Subject: 

Remote Homeschool Schedule - please click here for a suggested daily timetable



My Maths: Work at Home

GEMS: Maths Gems Guidance / Original Gems Digs 13 & 14 / Mini Gems Digs 13 & 14 / Master Gems Digs 13 & 14 / Advanced Gems Digs 13 & 14 / Original Gems Digs 15 & 16 / Mini Gems Digs 15 & 16 / Master Gems Digs 15 & 16 / Advanced Gems Digs 15 & 16

GEMS Answers: Digs 13 & 14 / Digs 15 & 16

Green Level: 4th Jan 21 - Perimeter / 11th Jan 21 - Area / 18th Jan 21 - Volume

Yellow Level: 4th Jan 21 - Fractions/Decimals/Percentages / 11th Jan 21 - Money / 18th Jan 21 - Money

Pink Level: 4th Jan 21 - Time / 11th Jan 21 - Money / 18th Jan 21 - Money

4AD Maths: 18th Jan 21


Green Level: 4th Jan 21 / 11th Jan 21 / 18th Jan 21

Yellow Level: 4th Jan 21 / 11th Jan 21 / 18th Jan 21

Pink Level: 4th Jan 21 / 11th Jan 21 / 18th Jan 21


Barclays Life Skills Website: Guidance / Website

PSHCEe Remote Learning Guidance

Week commencing 11th Jan and 18th Jan 21: Guidance / Sharing Information Online lesson (powerpoint presentation) / Sharing Information Online lesson (pdf version) / Lesson Worksheets

Spring Term: Family Money (powerpoint presentation) / Family Money (pdf version) / Which Job and Why Activity Sheet / Priority Bills Worksheet / Priority Bills Consequences Worksheet / Money Family Workshop Glossary / House Template / Jobs and Aspirations Cards / Further Advice and Support Sheet / Family Action Chart

Other Subjects:

Well-being: 11th Jan 21

Art: 11th Jan 21 / 18th Jan 21

Environment: 18th Jan 21

Business & Enterprise: 18th Jan 21

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