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Assessment at Thriftwood School 5-13 years

During September all students have a baseline assessment using PIVATs 5 (Performance Indicators for Valued Assessment and Targeted Learning) for reading, writing, and elements of maths.  We have also used reading, spelling and number tests to determine their age equivalent score where appropriate.

From the baseline assessment process and using pupils own thoughts regarding their future, their Statement Objectives / Education Health Care Plan Outcomes and next curriculum stage, small step targets are set and discussed with the pupil and parents.  In additional to this, a broader outcome is agreed and a Learning Level summer target established.

‘Live’ small step targets (towards the bigger outcome) are displayed either on the pupil’s book or on the classroom wall, referred to when marking the pupils work and achievement towards them is monitored and discussed with each pupil.

Across the 5-13 years age group, staff are using a wide range of formative assessment to track pupil progress towards the long term outcomes set:

For our latest Assessment Update (November 2018) please click HERE

  • Reading tracker using PIVATS 5
  • Writing tracker using PIVATS 5
  • Moderated writing tasks
  • Maths tracker using PIVATS 5
  • Maths key skills
  • PLS (Personal Learning Skills)
  • Outdoor learning award
  • ICT key skills
  • Physical development record if appropriate

These documents are completed on a regular basis or at the end of a topic.

In January 2017 we baselined our students using PIVATS 5 speaking and listening, and the PSED elements; Social Awareness and Relationships, Personal Independence and Self Help, Emotional Aspects and Behaviour for Learning.  We have also been developing our own Learning Levels to track progress in scientific enquiry, and a document to track personal development skills.

Learning Levels are based on the new National Curriculum and incorporate P levels.  We use ‘CASPA’, a national data collection programme for SEND pupils, to collate information, analyse trends and measure individual and cohort progress. (Currently CASPA is only able to display the PIVATS 5 data using old national curriculum language).

In addition to the above staff also employ a range of summative assessment;

  • Reading Test (New Group Reading Test)
  • Spelling Test (Single Word Spelling Test)
  • TERSA (Thriftwood Early Reading Skills Assessment) for students reading at an age equivalent below 5 years
  • TESA  (Thriftwood Early Spelling Assessment) for students functioning below age 5 years in spelling.
  • NEW Maths Number assessment (GL Assessment)
  • Internal test for Year 9 students based on 'Entry Level'

The above are carried out yearly or on an individual basis more regularly to monitor progress if required.

  • OCR Science Module tests (Year 9 only) assessed at the end of each topic, used half termly.
  • Licence to Cook (Year 9 only)

The data produced from these assessments are shared with parents through Progress Evenings, School Reports and also at Review meetings.

Please find below PIVATs 5 Learning Level descriptors.

PIVATS 5 - Listening Learning Levels

PIVATS 5 - Number Learning Levels

PIVATS 5 - Reading Learning Levels

PIVATS 5 - Shape space measure Learning Level

PIVATS 5 - Speaking Learning Levels

PIVATS 5 - Using Applying Learning Levels

PIVATS 5 - Writing Learning Levels

PIVATS 5 - Social Awareness & Relationships

PIVATS 5 - Behaviour for Learning

PIVATS 5 - Personal Independence Learning Levels

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